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Our law firm is led by Robert Aronov & his hand selected team of legal associates who specialize in motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents. For decades our team has fought vigorously to ensure that our clients receive the maximum rewards and payout for their legal battles. We do everything in our power to uncover every iota of negligence that you endured during your case and in order to ensure that you will receive the maximum payout and reward for your case. Our injury & accidents lawyers work on contingency so you’ll only need to pay money if you make money. Call us now for a free consultation.

Personal Injury Law Services

When it comes to legal matters pertaining to civil negligence & tort laws in NY we are here for you. We posses decades of experience dealing with motor-vehicle accidents, sidewalk negligence, premises liability, slips, falls and more. We have a top rating on Google, Avvo and many other high profile review sites. Call today for a free legal consultation regarding your injury.

The Claims Process For Motorcycle Accidents in NYC

The dangers motorcyclists in New York face are often far worse than those other motor vehicle operators. While a motorcycle is quick-moving in traffic, can swerve and stop quickly, there are many circumstances in which this ease in maneuverability would not be enough to avoid a serious accident. Even at surprisingly slow speeds, an accident involving a motorcycle can often lead to very serious and disastrous injuries, for instance, traumatic brain injury or head injuries.

Bronx Based Personal Injury & Accident Negligence Law

That’s right, anyone that was injured in the Bronx area or has been a victim of civil negligence now has a local solution to meet all their legal demands. Our contingency based services will assure that you will attain the highest payout possible for your injury.

Steps to consider if you have been in a motorcycle accident:

  • Contact emergency services immediately in cases of serious injury.
  • Call the police.
  • Remain calm and avoid any disputes with the other motorist involved. Be aware of what you say, and avoid any admission of fault.  If the other motorist admits fault, write down what he/she said. 
  • If possible take pictures of the accident – motorcycle position, vehicle position, and any visible skid marks.
  • Collect contact information from any eyewitnesses. Get the names and badge numbers of police officers at the scene.
  • Take notes immediately
  • Call your insurance company and report the accident.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to review the facts of the accident and discuss your legal options.
  • It is imperative for families of victims to hire a lawyer to assist with all the legal matters.  In cases of death, the immediate family has the right to recover compensation when the accident was caused by a negligent driver.

Getting legal representation as early as possible is critical. Insurance companies function in a manner that minimizes payouts while the process creates delays, requiring more and more documentation and information. It is almost impossible for an injured motorcyclist to handle the case favorable for themselves. Many of the items requested cannot be provided by the motorcyclist. Worse than that, the case is often assessed based on the percentage of required items submitted to the insurance company.

Considering even lawyers with experience find it expensive and challenging to amass the required items, often times they will even settle a claim for less payout to avoid having to provide all the required documentation to obtain a full settlement. As a result, it is neither reasonable nor possible for a claimant with zero legal experience to handle the claim by themselves. It’s understandable why many often opt not to retain an attorney, feeling they can do the work on their own and save some money while they are at it. The reality, however, dictates that it is in the motorcyclists best interests to higher an experienced lawyer.

For severe injuries, the claim process involves a range of experts such in different fields such as forensic economics to assess the loss of earnings, a functional capacity to assess the disability, life care planning to forecast any future requirements, accident reconstruction specialists, and more. This kind of expertise is expensive. A victim suffering horrific injuries is not in a position to deal with, locate or pay for experts. Without these experts, however, the victim is not likely to see as much of a settlement as he/she deserves. Hiring an experienced lawyers helps take the load off the victim, and guarantees the right kind of experts to get the most out of a settlement as possible.

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